Neighbourhood concierge

Neighbourhood concierge

Easily match vulnerable citizens with the social support network in the neighbourhood

Most popular features

  • Central registration dashboard
  • Smart matchmaking tools
  • Grow your social support network
  • Analytics dashboard and reporting

10x more reach and engagement with our Neighbourhood app. Also works in combination with existing neighbourhood networks within your city or municipality.

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Community building is the key to independent living

The neighbourhood concierge software enables local governments to offer a new and innovative service, providing assistance to vulnerable residents who face challenges in independent living.

How does it work?


Easily match citizens

Matchmaking made easy with The Neighbourhood Concierge! Our software helps connect local residents in need with reliable helpers in their community

Social map

A quick and easy way to find nearby helpers around those who need help.

  • Easily visualize with our user-friendly map interface
  • Save time and effort by quickly filtering for specific categories
  • Proximity-based matching ensures fast and convenient service

Assisted matchmaking

Get the most out of your matching experience and enjoy a successful helper-citizen relationship.

  • Let our algorithm suggest potential matches
  • Based on factors like interests, location, and availability
  • Star preferred helpers for future matches

Time registration

Track volunteering hours easily.

  • Keep track of how many hours a citizen helped with certain tasks
  • Allow for easy logging of hours through a mobile app
  • Reduce the risk of miscommunication with a clear record of hours spent helping

Analytics & reporting

Get valuable insights into local needs, identify trends, and easily share reports.

  • Monitoring the number of matches, hours spent, solved help questions, and more
  • Track your impact and progress over time
  • Easily share and export reports as PDFs

Register help requests

Efficiently register the required help with a simple form, allowing you to find reliable volunteers to the relieve the need, while monitoring the status of help requests on a centralized dashboard.


Keep track of all ongoing requests in a single, easy-to-use dashboard to ensure efficient and effective handling.

  • Filter requests by status and period to get an instant overview
  • Visually track the status of each ticket with color-coded labels
  • Monitor status and quickly identify any potential issues

Intake & register members

Collect detailed information about individuals with needs to facilitate accurate matching with volunteers.

  • Easy process to onboard members
  • Identify specific needs and wellbeing
  • Create detailed profiles to help match people with the right volunteers

Register help requests

Registering help requests is made easy with a simple and straightforward form that simplifies the process.

  • Streamlined request process
  • Specify the type of help needed, the preferred date and time
  • Submit the ticket for matching with the right volunteers

Grow a social support network

Easily grow the local social support network with a range of tools that connect you with nearby volunteers, allowing you to match their skills to registered help requests and build meaningful relationships within your neighbourhoods.

Screening procedure

Ensures that the volunteers in the network have the necessary skills and are a good fit for the elderly, providing the best support possible.

  • Check the competence of volunteers and neighbours through a detailed interview and form
  • Assess the skills, interests, and availability
  • Everything digitally available for you and your colleagues

Help categories

Enables the concierge to search for a range of services to facilitate and prolong independent living, ensuring residents with diverse needs receive the necessary support.

  • Help residents with diverse needs with light household chores, meal preparation, pet care, gardening, and more
  • Provide companionship and transportation services
  • Allow the concierge to find a range of services for residents with diverse needs

Call upon the neighbourhood

Enables the creation of a strong network of support for residents with diverse needs by connecting them with neighbours, volunteers, and professionals.

  • Create a network of neighbours, volunteers, and professionals
  • Display on a map or list
  • Encourage building local connections in the community

Boost reach up to 10x with our:
Neighbourhood network app

Stimulate social cohesion and circular economy through a peer-to-peer network. 

  • Neighbourhood app for citizens
  • Connect with up to 10 times more local people
  • Ask for help from people in different neighbourhoods
  • Expand your social support network

Why governments keep choosing Hoplr?


Save time and costs

  • Multiple solutions in one platform
  • We take care of reach and engagement
  • Community support is done by us

Powerful and easy to use

  • Simple and clear interface
  • Designed with citizens and governments in mind
  • Built with the latest technology

Insights & reports

  • Analysis and insights
  • Quarterly reports
  • Share easily within your organisation

Call in our experts

  • Excellent guidance from our experts
  • Extensive knowledge center
  • Case studies
Case studies neighbourhood concierge

Get in touch with our experts

During a 45' video call we:

  • discuss the challenges and ambitions in your city
  • give a short introduction of our organization
  • demonstrate our platform based on case studies
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