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Case studies

Laura Geerts - 14 October 2022

[USE CASE] City of Luxembourg: Community development in the face of great diversity

In the face of such great diversity, how can City of Luxembourg stimulate social cohesion and neighbourly help? Read how and why the city launched Hoplr.
Case study Community building
Laura Geerts - 15 October 2021

Case study Municipality of Knokke-Heist: this is how services work together for varied neighbourhood communication via Hoplr (five steps)

Read how the Municipality of Knokke-Heist organises itself for varied and efficient neighbourhood communication through Hoplr.
Case study Editor's choice Neighbourhood communication
Laura Geerts - 09 July 2021

Case study: City of Deinze supports community development and caring neighbourhoods with Hoplr

The City of Deinze mainly communicates about care & help through Hoplr. Read how the government uses Hoplr to create warmer neighbourhoods.
Case study Community care
Laura Geerts - 25 May 2021

Case study: Digital neighbourhood network Hoplr on the rise in Wallonia and Brussels

Several French-speaking cities have already launched Hoplr. In this article, we'll share the stories of these Walloon pioneers.
Case study Community building
Laura Geerts - 27 April 2021

Case study: 5 ways the municipality of Waalwijk works on clean neighbourhoods with residents

The municipality of Waalwijk uses neighbourhood communication and citizen participation to create attractive neighbourhoods. Read how.
Case study Neighbourhood communication
Laura Geerts - 27 April 2021

Case study: municipality of Opwijk on handling the corona pressure

De coronacrisis oefent heel wat druk uit op de lokale overheid. In dit artikel zoeken we inspiratie bij gemeente Opwijk (12.000 inwoners).
Case study Community building
Laura Geerts - 16 December 2020

CASE STUDY: Waterloo community building pioneer of Wallonia with Hoplr

Which were the ambitions when the municipality of Waterloo launched Hoplr? What impact has Hoplr made on the local communities?
Case study Community building
Laura Geerts - 04 November 2020

Case study: municipality of Zele leads by example and gets the most out of Hoplr

In this article, you'll read how the municipality of Zele managed to bring 23% of its households to Hoplr in just two weeks time.
Case study Community building
Laura Geerts - 20 October 2020

Case Study: city of Halle consults citizens at street level with verified survey

To solve a local mobility challenge, the city of Halle consulted residents of impacted streets through Hoplr's verified survey.
Case study Public participation
Jennick Scheerlinck - 21 June 2020

The Hague: case study and details of a Hoplr community building pilot

Hoplr pilot in The Hague: in 6 months time, over 4,000 household in have registered in the 10 selected neighbourhoods. Read the details of this Hoplr pilot.
Case study Community building
Laura Geerts - 02 June 2020

Mechelen and Hoplr: one in three households is registered

Hoplr embarked on its big adventure in 2014. 3 years later, we were ready for our first real partnership: Mechelen. What does this colab look like today?
Case study Community building Neighbourhood communication
Laura Geerts - 04 February 2020

Trailblazer municipality Olen enhances local community feeling

Olen was one of the very first to get started with Hoplr. Read how Olen was able to make a real social impact through neighbourhood network Hoplr.
Case study Community care