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Public participation

Involve and activate citizens through surveys and local participation projects.
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Neighbourhood concierge

Easily match vulnerable citizens with neighbours closeby to deal with loneliness and self-reliance
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Neighbourhood app

Increase your reach and engagement by 60%. Neighbourhood oriented. Informing and connecting citizens
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Each product in the platform is powerful on its own, but the real magic happens when you use them together.
“The past two years were a difficult period for many people. And the pandemic made us realise that we must stay in touch with others, be able to interact with them and not leave others behind. The Hoplr app is a great solution to all these challenges, especially in a city that is constantly growing. The aim is to encourage social interaction and solidarity within a neighbourhood by, for example, helping users lend and borrow items to reduce household expenses. So yes, Hoplr can really create such connections.”
Maurice Bauer Alderman, City of Luxembourg
“Hoplr helped us to make a good analysis of the neighborhood. We got a good insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the neighbourhood. Many residents voted for the priorities in the neighborhood and gave reasons why they considered a theme the most important. We were able to focus the Neighborhood Roadmap on the problems that people experienced. Hoplr helped us to structure the open answers in a clear report, which we also shared with the district.”
Wouter de Hoog Community Engagement, City of The Hague
“When social life came to a complete standstill during the first lockdown, our own neighbourhoods became the anchors that citizens could cling onto. The need for neighbourly connections was never greater and the Hoplr proved to be the perfect channel for our neighbourhoods to connect or stay connected. Strengthening social cohesion through an online neighbourhood platform such as Hoplr means making small help possible offline. These engagements are worth their weight in gold for the neighbourhood care project.”
Annelies Daniels Social Services, Municipality of Knokke-Heist

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