Public participation

Public participation

Engage your citizens in every step of the policy making process, from problem identification and agenda setting over decision making and implementation to monitoring and evaluation.

Most popular features

  • Customizable public website
  • Tools for surveys & projects
  • Participatory budgeting
  • Analytics dashboard and reporting

10x more reach and engagement with our Neighbourhood app. Also works in combination with existing neighbourhood networks within your city or municipality.

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Community building is the key to inclusive policy making

Strengthen the engagement within the neighbourhood. Social cohesion and involvement are essential to achieve meaningful citizen participation. It's all about conversation and collaboration within the community.

Evolve from communication to participation. A modern city or municipality listens, knows what is going on and works together with citizens to take informed decisions.

How does it work?

1. Reach citizens

We make it easy to reach the right audiences and maximize their engagement.

Send e-mail campaigns

Effortlessly create targeted campaigns that engage citizens and drive participation. With our powerful segmentation tools, you can focus on the right audience for maximum impact.

  • Automate e-mail campaigns
  • Customize e-mails campaigns
  • Target specific groups
  • View insights

Social media promotion

Our team helps you create effective ad campaigns on social media to increase the reach and engagement with your audience. We provide expert guidance and content for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Ready to use content
  • Successful campaign examples
  • Increase the involvement

Offline engagement

Increase community involvement and establish a strong local presence through offline activities.

  • A guide for offline activities
  • Publicity for all your activities
  • Encounters increase the social cohesion

10x more reach and engagement

The neighborhood network ensures that citizens are involved in their neighborhood around numerous topics and themes:

  • ~32% of the households subscribe
  • +70% is weekly active
  • +2.500 neighbourhoods already launched

2. Involve citizens

Involve and engage citizens from ideation to implementation using powerful tools and solutions.


Customizable public website

  • Communicate about ongoing, past and future projects via a customizable website.
  • Customizable theme and pages
  • Manage the website from a centralized dashboard



User-friendly dashboard

Bundle all communication around a project or campaign in one place.

  • All related communication in one place
  • Add events, polls or surveys
  • Project pages bring a clear overview


Ad hoc polls and in-depth surveys

  • Collect opinions via a quick and effortless poll
  • Survey citizens on any topic using our built-in survey module
  • Maximize the number of respondants



  • Define the different stages of your project
  • Communicate the goal, indicate the timeline, intermediate reporting on prior activities
  • Combine online and offline participation methods


Participatory budgeting

Invite citizens and other stakeholders to submit ideas and proposals

  • Define the rules
  • Verified voting system
  • Budget can be allocated

3. Decide

Make informed decisions through our user-friendly and insightful dashboard.


Visualizations in an easy to use dashboard

  • Easily explore the survey data
  • Segment on neighbourhood or other demographics
  • Gather more insights by exporting the data


  • Adaptable 360° neighbourhood analysis
  • Easy sharing of survey results within your organisation
  • Browse, analyse and manage the submitted proposals
  • Find out at a glance which projects are selected by the citizens
  • Discover how citizens rate their neighbourhood multiple theme's and dimensions

Why governments keep choosing Hoplr?


Save time and costs

  • Multiple solutions in one platform
  • We take care of reach and engagement
  • Community support is done by us

Powerful and easy to use

  • Simple and clear interface
  • Designed with citizens and governments in mind
  • Build with the latest technology

Insights & reports

  • Analysis and insights
  • Quarterly reports
  • Share easily within your organisation

Call in our experts

  • Excellent guidance from our experts
  • Extensive knowledge center
  • Case studies
Laura Geerts - 19 October 2021

Neighbourhood Scan: a neighbourhood analysis in collaboration with residents

Read all about the neighbourhood scan: a participative measuring instrument to map a neighbourhood's assets in collaboration with residents.
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Laura Geerts - 15 November 2020

Meet citizen engagement expert Dr Jonas De Meulenaere

Dr. Jonas De Meulenaere is Hoplr's brand new citizen engagement expert. In this article, we'll shed light on his experience and service.
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Laura Geerts - 20 October 2020

Case Study: city of Halle consults citizens at street level with verified survey

To solve a local mobility challenge, the city of Halle consulted residents of impacted streets through Hoplr's verified survey.
Case study Public participation

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