What is neighbourhood participation?

What is neighbourhood participation?

Neighbourhood participation includes all initiatives in which citizens have a say in their direct living environment and in local government policy. Often, these initiatives also take place in the context of the neighbourhood, which means that residents work together and bring in ideas to improve their neighbourhood.

From digital neighbourhood network to an involved and participating community

Digital neighbourhood network Hoplr (iOS, Android, hoplr.com) unites and mobilises citizens to think and talk about their neighbourhood. Local governments and organisations can activate citizens and collect anonymous data.

Hoplr increases involvement in the neighbourhood, thus increasing the level of participation in projects. By bringing opportunities for participation to the broad local community, we also involve the silent majority.

From digital neighbourhood network to an involved and participating community
Koen T'Sijen Mayor Boechout
We launched a number of ideas from the policy memorandum via our neighbourhood platform Hoplr. 1,831 votes were cast and 301 responses were received across the 10 statements. The first part of our participation process on the 2020-2025 policy memorandum has already been successful. Read the case study of Boechout

Our tools and services

Public participation platform

Gather all participation projects on one public participation platform with your own house style and URL of choice.

  • Overview page
  • Project pages
  • Surveys
  • Participatory budgets
  • Public links

Ideas from citizens

Citizens can add ideas or initiatives to your participation projects.

  • Choose a theme for your project
  • Define a timeline or a deadline
  • Select which neighbourhoods you want to reach

Neighbourhood polls

Ask for the opinion of citizens and receive arguments and counter arguments.

  • Vote: citizens can vote "FOR" or "AGAINST"
  • Score: citizens can give a score from 1 to 10
  • Multiple choice: citizens choose an option

New bicycle path downtown? New traffic situation on Avery Lane?

Participation project or campaign

Start a dialogue with citizens. Perfect for cocreation and longer trajectories. You can count on our team's support for setup, launch and monitoring.

Public or verified survey

Compose a questionnaire for anonymous, objective inquiries. Public or with identification. Surveys can be made available outside of the network.

Citizen budget

More and more local governments release a certain budget every year to support local initiatives and projects. Via Hoplr, citizens can submit ideas or initiatives. These initiatives are then budgeted, voted on and executed.

  • Collecting ideas and initiatives
  • Budgeting retained ideas
  • Citizens vote by distributing a budget

Knowledge centre

Citizen participation is an important task that brings along various challenges. Which method is most suitable? How do you safeguard representativeness? How do you translate a policy question into a participation question? What conclusions can you draw from a survey? Our participation experts are academic profiles who get excited by both data analysis and fieldwork.

  • Call on our experts for your project:
  • Stimulating citizen initiatives
  • Plan of action for participation projects
  • Moderate offline participation moments
  • Designing and conducting citizen surveys
  • Processing, analysis and reporting
  • ...
Knowledge centre

Blog articles

Over 120 local governments and utility companies use Hoplr

Why choose for Hoplr?

Reach and growth through community building

We launch your region’s network from start to finish, with a guaranteed reach from 10 up to 15% of all households during the first weeks after launch. Neighbourhoods continue to grow organically.

Save time and costs

We take care of reach, support and development. That doesn't only translate into fewer costs and worries; it will save you time as well.

Transcend departments

We offer one integrated Service Dashboard with modules for all different departments. This allows for more transparency and synergy in the workplace.

In-house technology

Hoplr has its own team of developers. That way, we can offer both rapid anticipation and custom work.

24/7 support and expertise

You can count on us for all community building, support and curation - 24/7. No fuss, no worries.

Social value

Community building is crucial for community care, inclusion and citizen participation. By bringing neighbours together, we can stimulate real life contact, involvement and cohesion.


EU Seal of Excellence

"Seal of Excellence" of the European Commission for innovation, implementation and impact.


WINNER World Summit Awards 2020 in the category Government & Citizen Engagement.


WINNER European Social Services Award 2020 in the category Technology Tool.

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