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+150 local governments and social organisations use Hoplr

Hoplr is an award-winning platform to transcend public services


Public participation

Involve the silent majority by shifting the focus from the individual to the local community. Uncover community insights to make inclusive and data-driven decisions.
  • Customizable public website
  • Tools for surveys & projects
  • Participatory budgeting
  • Analytics dashboard and reporting
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Community care

Independent living and aging in place. Easily match vulnerable citizens with your social support network within the community.
  • Customizable public website
  • Central management of all help requests
  • Smart matchmaking tools
  • Analytics dashboard and reporting
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Neighbourhood app

Stimulate social cohesion and circular economy through a peer-to-peer network. Communities can organize themselves by exchanging ideas, goods and services.
  • Neighbourhood app for citizens
  • Communication tools for governments
  • Neighbourhood statistics
  • Community management & support by Hoplr
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Behind every customer stands a thriving community

+ 800.000 citizens signed up
+ 70% is weekly active
+ 2.500 neighbourhoods launched
+ 75.000 neighbourhood helpers
+ 2M help questions solved
+ 1000 local participation projects

Build self-organizing communities

Hoplr offers a proven solution for 10x more reach and engagement



  • 10x more reach and engagement
  • Neighbours can help each other
  • Stimulate offline connections
  • Mine and activate the social capital
  • Involve the silent majority

Why governments keep choosing Hoplr?


Save time and costs

  • Multiple solutions in one platform
  • We take care of reach and engagement
  • Community support is done by us

Powerful and easy to use

  • Simple and clear interface
  • Designed with citizens and governments in mind
  • Build with the latest technology

Insights & reports

  • Analysis and insights
  • Quarterly reports
  • Share easily within your organisation

Call in our experts

  • Excellent guidance from our experts
  • Extensive knowledge center
  • Case studies

How Hoplr is empowering local governments

"We launched a number of ideas from the policy memorandum via our neighbourhood platform Hoplr. 1,831 votes were cast and 301 responses were received across the 10 statements. The first part of our participation process on the 2020-2025 policy memorandum has already been successful." Koen T'Sijen Mayor Boechout
“Before starting up our community work, we looked for a workable system to easily match the supply and demand of citizens. Hoplr helps us turn Olen into a warmer and more caring municipality.” Liesbeth Lathouwer Municipality Olen
“When social life came to a complete standstill during the first lockdown, our own neighbourhoods became the anchors that citizens could cling onto. The need for neighbourly connections was never greater and the Hoplr proved to be the perfect channel for our neighbourhoods to connect or stay connected.” Annelies Daniels Municipality of Knokke-Heist

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