Build towards a caring and sustainable smart city

Build towards a caring and sustainable smart city

Hoplr is a digital neighbourhood network and knowledge centre for inclusive community engagement.

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Over 120 local governments and utility companies use Hoplr

A service dashboard for local governments


Inclusion, seeking public support, and citizen engagement starts from the local community.
Hoplr offers tools and experts based on 5 combinable programmes.

A digital neighbourhood network for citizens


We connect neighbours and stimulate real life encounters, engagement and social cohesion.
Our community managers make sure that online conversations remain respectful and constructive.

Download our first white paper: Neighbourhood of the Future

"The more numerous the threads within a social network, the smaller the mesh of the social safety net."

Content of the white paper:


  1. The value of a neighbourhood
  2. The formula towards a caring and sustainable neighbourhood
  3. Wanting to connect to the social capital
  4. Being able to connect to the social capital
  5. Neighbourhood dynamics
  6. Bonus: Getting started with local community building

Download the white paper here! 


Community care

From local community to a caring and inclusive neighbourhood


  • Connect local stakeholders with the neighbourhood's social capital
  • Involve community workers and professionals via a verified account
  • Take part in the conversation: inform, sensitise, engage and activate
  • Match the neighbourhood's help requests and offers
  • Find and activate volunteers, easily and efficiently
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Experts community care

Meet with our community care experts in an annual strategy session and call on their support with your projects.

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Liesbeth Lathouwer Community worker municipality Olen
Before starting up our community work, we looked for a workable system to easily match the supply and demand of citizens. Hoplr proved this surprisingly fast. In a short period of time, many citizens have become a member of their digital neighbourhood. This confirms the necessity of a neighbourhood platform to enhance the sense of belonging. Hoplr helps us to make Olen a warm and caring municipality. Read the case study of Olen


From local community to dialogue and consensus building


  • Engage in dialogue and push messages to one, several or all neighbourhoods
  • Streamline internal organisation using drafts and chat
  • Schedule messages
  • Create communication projects for a clear narrative
  • Receive bottom-up messages and feedback from citizens
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Experts neighbourhood communication

Meet with our communication experts in an annual strategy session and call on their support with your projects.

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Laura  Luc

Koen Van Caimere Head of information and communication
Hoplr is a very useful platform. We are able to inform the citizens of Ghent and Destelbergen more easily when something changes in the garbage collection rounds. In recent months we have been eager to use this, for example during the heavy snowfall in December. We often receive positive reactions from Hoplr users.

Public participation

From local community to engagement and citizen participation


  • Ask citizens for ideas and let neighbours vote
  • Monitor sentiment and stimulate dialogue with neighbourhood polls
  • Launch an in-depth survey, choose whether or not respondents need to verify their identity
  • Offer an overview of all participation projects and related messages
  • Launch a Public Engagement Platform with your own branding
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Experts public participation

Meet with our public participation experts in our annual strategy session, and call on their support with your projects.

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Laura  Luc

Koen T'Sijen Mayor Boechout
We launched a number of ideas from the policy memorandum via our neighbourhood platform Hoplr. 25% of all hoplr users participated. The statements were read 34,721 times, 1,831 votes were cast and 301 responses were received across the 10 statements. On top we got another 33 policy suggestions. The first part of our participation process on the 2020-2025 policy memorandum has already been successful. Read the case study of Boechout

Neighbourhood scan

From local community building to insights and co-creation


  • Map the social capital of the neighbourhood, in collaboration with residents
  • Choose between a digital, thematic or 360° neighbourhood analysis
  • Launch an offline and online survey based on a sample
  • Spark dialogue and co-creation among residents during an offline workshop
  • Receive an extensive report with figures and opportunities
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Experts neighbourhood scan

Call on our experts for a complete service: concept, execution and analysis.

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                Jonas De Meulenaere

Neighbourhood Concierge

From local community building to longer independent living


  • Appoint a local community caretaker
  • The neighbourhood concierge is activated for requests for help
  • Follow up all requests for help in the neighbourhood centrally
  • Contact the neighbourhood concierge by phone or use the app
  • The community caretaker arranges all follow-up until the request for help is solved
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Neighbourhood experts

Contact our experts for more information on the Neighbourhood Concierge.

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Over 120 local governments and utility companies use Hoplr

Why choose for Hoplr?

Reach and growth through community building

We launch your region’s network from start to finish, with a guaranteed reach from 10 up to 15% of all households during the first weeks after launch. Neighbourhoods continue to grow organically.

Save time and costs

We take care of reach, support and development. That doesn't only translate into fewer costs and worries; it will save you time as well.

Transcend departments

We offer one integrated Service Dashboard with modules for all different departments. This allows for more transparency and synergy in the workplace.

In-house technology

Hoplr has its own team of developers. That way, we can offer both rapid anticipation and custom work.

24/7 support and expertise

You can count on us for all community building, support and curation - 24/7. No fuss, no worries.

Social value

Community building is crucial for community care, inclusion and citizen participation. By bringing neighbours together, we can stimulate real life contact, involvement and cohesion.


EU Seal of Excellence

"Seal of Excellence" of the European Commission for innovation, implementation and impact.


WINNER World Summit Awards 2020 in the category Government & Citizen Engagement.


WINNER European Social Services Award 2020 in the category Technology Tool.

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Citizens already use Hoplr

2.500Active neighbourhoods
78%Active weekly
100.000Messages and reactions per month

A social network built for citizens, governments and local services

Neighbours meet each other, share items, post messages about security and start initiatives. View the neighbourhood platform on

You talk to friends on Facebook, you post pictures on Instagram, you meet your neighbours on Hoplr.
My thanks for this amazing site. As a volunteer for the national health service, this site is very useful to me. It's a good way to meet neighbours and offer help. Corrie
This is a wonderful initiative! Surely, there are many isolated people. This contact could mean a lot to them. Thomas
So far it's really a valuable asset to the neighbourhood and I have already communicated with people I otherwise would not have met. I'm very happy with it. Anita
I have a muscular disorder and may be in need of a good neighbour for some small job I'm not able to do anymore. Though maybe I will be able to help someone myself! Amazing! Ellie
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We are committed to the digital security of Hoplr

All data is secured and protected in line with European privacy legislation. Also see our Responsible Disclosure.
In collaboration with Intigriti and ICTRecht.


Laura Geerts - 19 January 2022

Look out Luxembourg: Trailblazer Commune of Strassen nails its launch of Hoplr

In just a couple of weeks, a whopping 25% of Strassen households registered. This is how we launched Hoplr in the first Luxembourgish commune.
Community building Editor's choice
Laura Geerts - 19 October 2021

Neighbourhood Scan: a neighbourhood analysis in collaboration with residents

Read all about the neighbourhood scan: a participative measuring instrument to map a neighbourhood's assets in collaboration with residents.
Editor's choice Knowledge centre Public participation
Laura Geerts - 15 October 2021

Case study Municipality of Knokke-Heist: this is how services work together for varied neighbourhood communication via Hoplr (five steps)

Read how the Municipality of Knokke-Heist organises itself for varied and efficient neighbourhood communication through Hoplr.
Case study Editor's choice Neighbourhood communication

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