Neighbourhood app

Neighbourhood app

Stimulate social cohesion and circular economy through a peer-to-peer network. Communities can organize themselves by exchanging ideas, goods and services.

Most popular features

  • Neighbourhood app for citizens
  • Communication tools for governments
  • Neighbourhood statistics
  • Community management & support by Hoplr

Bundle this solution with Public Participation and Community Care for extra reach and engagement

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+150 local governments and social services use Hoplr

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Used by +800.000 citizens

Utilizing the power of the collective to anticipate the societal challenges of tomorrow such as aging, neighbourhood care, and public participation. Informing and connecting citizens on neighbourhood-related topics increases awareness and involvement in the neighbourhood. By entering into dialogue at the local community level, we create more support and participation in all kinds of initiatives.


Neighbour help

Connect help offers and help request. Neighbours help each other based on their skills.

  • Helpers pick from 70+ skills
  • Users in help of need post help requests
  • Or they consult the list with neighbours' skills

Talent bank of neighbourhood helpers & volunteers

Call on neighbours for community work. Contact dozens of local volunteers in no time.

  • Neighbours can register as volunteer
  • Consult location and skills of volunteers
  • Filter and contact the right people through chat or mail


Boost reach up to 10x 

  • On average 32% of households sign up
  • + 70% is weekly active
  • + 3.000 neighbourhoods launched

Neighbourhood-oriented communication

Communicate at the level of the local community. Neighbours receive notifications via mail or smartphone.

  • Share news with one, several or all neighbourhoods
  • Select the neighbourhoods you need from the list or map
  • Post a message, alert, activity or poll
  • Users get a notification and can comment

Communication dashboard

Gather all communication concerning a certain theme, project or campaign.

  • All related communication in one place
  • Add events, polls or surveys
  • Project page as an overview for citizens


Mobile app

Stimulate social cohesion and circular economy through a peer-to-peer network. Communities can organize themselves by exchanging ideas, goods and services.

  • Neighbourhood app for citizens
  • Complete integration with the community care solution


Verified accounts


Connect community or field workers. Verified accounts can access several neighbourhoods

  • Easily switch Hoplr neighbourhoods
  • Choose an icon and role
  • Become a point of contact within the Hoplr neighbourhood

Map the social capital

We connect neighbours and encourage offline encounters, engagement and social cohesion


58% of requests for help are
handled by the neighbourhood

From community to a more inclusive neighbourhood

Why governments keep choosing Hoplr?


Save time and costs

  • Multiple solutions in one platform
  • We take care of reach and engagement
  • Community support is done by us

Powerful and easy to use

  • Simple and clear interface
  • Designed with citizens and governments in mind
  • Build with the latest technology

Insights & reports

  • Analysis and insights
  • Quarterly reports
  • Share easily within your organisation

Call in our experts

  • Excellent guidance from our experts
  • Extensive knowledge center
  • Case studies
Laura Geerts - 06 October 2022

Tackling the energy crisis: 9 ways local councils turned to the Hoplr neighbourhoods

In this article, read 9 ways local governments are appealing to the Hoplr neighbourhood regarding the energy crisis.
Community care Neighbourhood communication
Laura Geerts - 06 October 2022

From crisis communication to volunteering: 38 municipalities called on the Hoplr neighbourhood

Many local councils have called on the Hoplr neighbourhoods to seek relief for Ukraine. In this article, we share 9 initiatives.
Community care Neighbourhood communication
Laura Geerts - 29 September 2022

Matching people who need help with those who offer help with Hoplr

Everyone needs a little help now and then. Plenty want to help. But how do you match offer and supply? Read how Hoplr can help.
Community care

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