About the Digital Neighbourhood Network

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What is Hoplr?

Hoplr is digital neighbourhood network (free of both cost and advertising) that allows local residents to connect with each other on neighbourhood-related topics.

Hoplr makes it easy for you to:


How does Hoplr work?

A roll-out in a municipality starts with the determination of the geographically defined Hoplr neighbourhoods. This is done in consultation with the local government and based on official data. 

Residents receive an invitation by letter with a neighbourhood code. They use this code, together with their name, address and e-mail address, to gain free access to their one and only Hoplr neighbourhood via hoplr.com or our app. The neighbourhoods are thus private, only members of that specific neighbourhood get to see them.

Neighbours can also register without a neighbourhood code; in that case they have to use a different verification method.

Once registered, members can use all functionalities of the neighbourhood network, and they receive e-mails and/or push notifications when there are new messages in their neighbourhood. They can personalise these notifications. 

What can you do with Hoplr?

Private neighbourhood network Hoplr offers a lot of functionalities that are especially tailored to neighbourhood life. Amongst others, you can do this with the app:


Is Hoplr safe?

Due to the nature of our digital community network, Hoplr is safer than most social media:

Hoplr takes some additional measures to keep the digital neighbourhood network safe. For instance, we work together with Intigriti, a network of ethical hackers.

Read more about Hoplr security here.

What is Hoplr's revenue model?

Hoplr is free and ad-free. Local authorities and relevant organisations such as utility companies and project developers can take out a licence. 

This does not give them any insight into the Hoplr neighbourhoods, but it does offer them some functionalities to be in touch with the Hoplr neighbourhoods. Moreover, these partnerships are currently the only way to roll out Hoplr Neighbourhoods.

Our offer to local authorities and organisations

How does Hoplr stimulate citizen participation?

A digital neighbourhood network makes it easy for local residents to get in touch with each other and their environment. The reach is large and the threshold for many is much lower than in the physical neighbourhood. 

The above not only reinforces the neighbourhood feeling (online with a proven spill-over effect to the entire community), but also stimulates physical meetings. Neighbours become more and more involved in the community.

Hoplr then also connects local governments and relevant organisations to the Hoplr neighbourhoods, using a Service Dashboard. The Service Dashboard stimulates citizen participation based on three programme lines: 


What is the Service Dashboard?

The SDB is a dashboard that is connected to the digital neighbourhood network. Users of the Service Dashboard do not gain insight into the Hoplr neighbourhoods. It does offer them some functionalities.


Who is the Hoplr Service Dashboard for?

90% of our customers are local governments in the Benelux. Other organisations are also eligible for a license for our Service Dashboard. 

These are always parties that can bring non-commercial value to the neighbourhoods. Examples are utility companies, project developers, welfare organisations, etc. They can, for example, inform the neighbourhoods about upcoming nuisance. 

What advantages does Hoplr offer its customers?

Reach and grow

We launch the Hoplr neighbourhood network from A to Z. Hoplr guarantees a reach of 15% to 25% of all households during the first weeks after launch. Neighbourhoods grow organically through word of mouth.

Save time

Hoplr is an independent social network that is grown and supported by its own team of developers. You do not have to worry about any technical issues and the platform is constantly evolving.

Transcend services and departments

One integrated Service Dashboard with modules for all services and departments. This ensures more transparency and synergy on the work floor.

Technology under own management

We build everything ourselves. This allows us to be on the ball and equipped for customisation. Our applications are tested daily by thousands of users.

24/7 support and expertise

A complete worry-free service in the field of community building, support and curation. Moreover, we are available to our partners around the clock.

Social added value

We connect neighbours and stimulate offline meetings, involvement and social cohesion. Community building is essential for neighbourhood care, inclusion and civic participation.

How does a cooperation with Hoplr look like?

  1. Municipalities and cities contact us for an exploratory meeting.

  2. If there is interest on both sides, we conclude a licence for the platform which can be terminated annually. The licences vary according to the chosen formula. This determines the possibilities of the Service Dashboard.

  3. Then we get to work. The Hoplr neighbourhoods of your municipality are drawn up based on your expertise about the region on the one hand and our expertise about community building on the other. This is a close collaboration.

  4. Then we provide each household within the region with an invitation. These letters give a short explanation about Hoplr and what the platform is for; and provide the recipients with a code. With the code, residents are quickly and verifiably directed to the right neighbourhood.

  5. The municipality often helps with the announcement of the neighbourhood platform. It calls on the local press and organises information sessions. We promise that at least 10 to 15% of the households will be active on Hoplr one month after the roll-out. In the first year, this can increase organically to 40%. After three years to 60%.

  6. Finally, we deliver the dashboard. From then on, the municipality can use the platform.