Adelien Van den Bossche

Knowledge centre for neighbourhoods and citizen engagement

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Adelien Van den Bossche

Expertise Data analysis and citizen participation

A lesser person might be intimidated by the challenging task of processing a neighbourhood analysis, but five years of data-analysis has given Adelien an edge with which she skillfully dissects any dataset that dares cross her path. Her background in the socio-cultural sector and anthropology (vulnerable groups in particular) allow her to confidently navigate the realms of local community building.

These are some of her main activities at Hoplr:

  • Environmental & impact analysis
  • Designing and supervising participation projects
  • Knowledge building & dissemination digital neighbourhood networks


Quality Staff
Rebelle vzw (VIVA-SVV vzw)
Staff Family and Diversity


  • Data collection and analysis
  • Satisfaction surveying
  • Supporting evaluations and workshops
  • Writing subsidy dossiers and policy plans