Jonas De Meulenaere

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Jonas De Meulenaere

Expertise Data analysis and citizen participation

Jonas has a doctorate in communication sciences. During his PhD at Ghent University, he studied how digital neighbourhood networks play a role in the social fabric of neighbourhoods. Before starting his PhD, Jonas was active as a researcher at the VUB, where he conducted user research into innovative audiovisual applications in domestic and professional contexts. At Hoplr he uses his experience and academic skills to, among other things, guide partners through their participation projects.

These are some of his main activities at Hoplr:

  • Environmental & impact analysis
  • Designing and supervising participation projects
  • Knowledge building & dissemination digital neighbourhood networks


UGent 6 year and 7 months
Senior Researcher and Teaching Assistant
VUB 3 year


  • Data collection and analysis
  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Designing and supervising participation projects
  • Research on social media use, social capital and social support
  • Environmental & impact analysis
  • Knowledge building & dissemination on digital neighbourhood networks