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Hoplr is a digital neighbourhood platform for inclusion, citizen participation and neighborhood care.

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Our functionalities

Communicate with citizens on neighbourhood level

Specifically designed for interaction with citizens

  • Select one or more neighbourhoods on the map
  • Easily share messages, announcements or events
  • Citizens automatically receive notifications and emails
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Koen Van Caimere Head of information and communication
We are able to inform the citizens of Ghent and Destelbergen more easily when something changes in the garbage collection rounds. Read more about boechout

Citizen participation begins and ends with the local community

Engage citizens and collect bottom-up ideas for participation projects

  • Start projects and collect ideas
  • Process ideas and give feedback, quickly and easily
  • Receive a detailed analysis with insights and statistics
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Koen Van Caimere Mayor Boechout
One way city councils try to bridge the gap between them and citizens, is through Hoplr, a social network site for neighbourhoods. Read more about boechout

Gain insights and pick up on trends

Create a stronger policy based on anonymous and aggregated information directly adapted to the needs of your citizens. In accordance with GDPR

  • Monitor the heartbeat of the neighbourhood
  • Demography and insights per neighbourhood
  • Well structured dashboard with useful filters
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From community to a caring and inclusive neighbourhood

Stimulate social cohesion among local citizens using an interactive neighbourhood platform

  • Community workers or services can apply for a verified account for neighbourhoods located in the area where they operate
  • Specifically for community care and inclusion
  • Easily switch between neighbourhoods
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Koen Van Caimere Community worker municipality Olen
In a short period of time, many citizens have become a member of their digital neighbourhood. This confirms the necessity of a neighbourhood platform to enhance the sense of belonging.

Increase visibility and contributions of civil society organisations

An easy-to-use local guide at city or municipality level with a search function, job openings and neighbourhood maps

  • Reach local organisations
  • Easy-to-use neighbourhood maps
  • Communication network for business parks
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Integrate existing applications and datasets with our open API

Connect your own data and structures to the dashboard

  • Link external databases
  • Integrate external applications
  • Correlation between hard and soft sensors
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Why choose for Hoplr?

Reach and growth

We launch your region’s network from start to finish, with a guaranteed reach from 10 up to 15% of all households during the first weeks after launch. Neighbourhoods continue to grow organically.

Save time

We take care of reach, support and development. That doesn't only translate into fewer costs and worries; it will save you time as well.

Transcend departments

We offer one integrated Service Dashboard with modules for all different departments. This allows for more transparency and synergy in the workplace.

In-house technology

Hoplr has its own team of developers. That way, we can offer both rapid anticipation and custom work.

24/7 support & expertise

You can count on us for all community building, support and curation - 24/7. No fuss, no worries.

Social value

Community building is crucial for community care, inclusion and citizen participation. By bringing neighbours together, we can stimulate real life contact, involvement and cohesion.

Citizens are already on board

1.800Active neighbourhoods
72%Active weekly
100.000Messages and reactions per month

A social network built for citizens, governments and services

Neighbours meet each other, share items, post messages about security and start initiatives. View the neighbourhood platform on

You talk to friends on Facebook, you post pictures on Instagram, you meet your neighbours on Hoplr.
My thanks for this amazing site. As a volunteer for the national health service, this site is very useful to me. It's a good way to meet neighbours and offer help." Corrie
This is a wonderful initiative! Surely, there are many isolated people. This contact could mean a lot to them. Thomas
So far it's really a valuable asset to the neighbourhood and I have already communicated with people I otherwise would not have met. I'm very happy with it. Anita
I have a muscular disorder and may be in need of a good neighbour for some small job I'm not able to do anymore. Though maybe I will be able to help someone myself! Amazing! Ellie
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