Our team

Hoplr - pronounce «hopler» - was founded by Jennick Scheerlinck and Jonas Heirwegh, back in 2014. An initiative that started from a common vision and conviction. In contrast to online globalization, Hoplr tells a digital, but local story. Hoplr connects people with each other and their environment.

Jennick Scheerlink Jennick Scheerlink
Jennick Scheerlink
Founder, CEO
Jonas Heirwegh Jonas Heirwegh
Jonas Heirwegh
Founder, Product Design
Arnaud De Groote Arnaud De Groote
Arnaud De Groote
Co-Founder, COO
Thomas Van Machelen Thomas Van Machelen
Thomas Van Machelen
CTO, Software Architect
Joris Gallens Joris Gallens
Joris Gallens
Customer Success
Jonas Swartelé Jonas Swartelé
Jonas Swartelé
Customer Success
Laura Geerts Laura Geerts
Laura Geerts
Expert Citizen Engagement
Peter De Smedt Peter De Smedt
Peter De Smedt
Head of Customer Success
Umit Yurur Umit Yurur
Umit Yurur
International Business Developer
Jonas De Meulenaere Jonas De Meulenaere
Jonas De Meulenaere
Expert Citizen Engagement
Robbert Peeters Robbert Peeters
Robbert Peeters
International “Smart” City Engagement Expert
Monica Jacobs Monica Jacobs
Monica Jacobs
Neighbourhood concierge
Claire Fobe Claire Fobe
Claire Fobe
Neighbourhood concierge




Joining our team

Hoplr is supported by a close team of dreamers. Men and women who have both feet on the ground, but fight for their belief: neighbourhoods that connect. Would you love to see this team of globetrotters, dungeon masters, carpenters, techno-listeners and capoeira-enthusiasts in action? Check out our job openings!