What is the Neighbourhood Concierge?

What is the Neighbourhood Concierge?

BCQ is a new and innovative care concept that makes it possible to live independently for longer. Not everyone finds it easy to access a digital neighbourhood network such as Hoplr. Think of seniors, the digital illiterate or vulnerable groups. To help close this gap, local governments can now call on the Neighbourhood Concierge.

From digital neighbourhood network to living longer independently

The Neighbourhood Concierge is a local person of trust who handles help requests from local residents who are not able to do so themselves.

The Neighbourhood Concierge develops a local network of local volunteers, professionals and neighbours whom they call upon when needed. This way, citizens can count on swift aid from reliable neighbours.

BCQ is an initiative by Hoplr that allows people to live independently at home for longer, by tapping into the social capital of the neighbourhood and thus enclosing the fragmented local supply.

From digital neighbourhood network to living longer independently
Jacqueline Retired
"Neighbourhood concierge Annick is a sweetheart. She's very familiar with the neighbourhood and introduced me to some people who have been helping on a daily basis. Some of them have become friends."

The Neighbouhood Concierge's offer:

Errands and transport

The Neighbourhood Concierge develops a network for errands and transport

  • shopping
  • collecting parcels
  • transport to the pharmacy or post office
  • doctor's visits
  • visits to the bank
  • ...

Small household chores

The Neighbourhood Caretaker enlists reliable help for small tasks

  • unclog a sink
  • attach a curtain rod
  • replace light bulb
  • assembling a cabinet
  • ...

Computer problems and administration

The Neighbourhood Concierge provides help with computer problems and personal administration

  • connecting a printer
  • software updates
  • tax returns
  • pension plan
  • banking transactions
  • ...

Family access via the BCQ app

Family members and informal carers stay involved via the BCQ app

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • follow up on help requests from beginning to end
  • call on the Neighbourhood Concierge for help and support
  • ...

Enclosing the local supply

It is the Neighbourhood Concierge's job to enclose the fragmented local supply.

  • neighbours
  • volunteers
  • professionals
  • local organisations
  • municipal services
  • ...

BCQ Ticketing dasbhoard

A complete and convenient overview for the Neighbourhood Concierge and local government

  • Neighbourhood Concierges
  • incoming requests for help
  • local supply
  • statistics
  • ...

How does the Neighbourhood Concierge work?

  • Introductory meeting with the Neighbourhood Concierge
    The Neighbourhood Concierge gets familiar with the person's wishes and needs.

  • People contact the Neighbourhood Concierge when they need help
    Contact them by phone, mobile app or BCQ-watch.

  • The Neighbourhood Concierge looks for the right solution
    The Neighbourhood Concierge taps into the local offer and calls on reliable help.

  • The Neighbourhood Concierge arranges all follow-up
    No stress about follow-up or other communication.

How does the Neighbourhood Concierge work?

Over 120 local governments and utility companies use Hoplr

Why choose for Hoplr?

Reach and growth through community building

We launch your region’s network from start to finish, with a guaranteed reach from 10 up to 15% of all households during the first weeks after launch. Neighbourhoods continue to grow organically.

Save time and costs

We take care of reach, support and development. That doesn't only translate into fewer costs and worries; it will save you time as well.

Transcend departments

We offer one integrated Service Dashboard with modules for all different departments. This allows for more transparency and synergy in the workplace.

In-house technology

Hoplr has its own team of developers. That way, we can offer both rapid anticipation and custom work.

24/7 support and expertise

You can count on us for all community building, support and curation - 24/7. No fuss, no worries.

Social value

Community building is crucial for community care, inclusion and citizen participation. By bringing neighbours together, we can stimulate real life contact, involvement and cohesion.


EU Seal of Excellence

"Seal of Excellence" of the European Commission for innovation, implementation and impact.


WINNER World Summit Awards 2020 in the category Government & Citizen Engagement.


WINNER European Social Services Award 2020 in the category Technology Tool.

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