Anastasia Van den Bossche

Knowledge centre for neighbourhoods and citizen engagement

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Anastasia Van den Bossche

Expertise Social capital and community building

Anastasia is an anthropologist and has loads of experience with social community projects. She's comfortable doing research as well as fieldwork. Anastasia works on themes such as inclusion, citizen engagement and social capital. When she's not busy supporting our clients through the neighbourhood care programme, you'll find her actively monitoring and improving the health of the online Hoplr communities.

These are some of her main activities at Hoplr:

  • Neighbourhood support and diagnosis
  • Setting up and supervising neighbourhood projects
  • Knowledge building & dissemination neighbourhood care


City of Vilvoorde
Vicinia vzw
VU Amsterdam + ngo’s


  • Qualitative and ethnographic field study and analysis
  • Connecting and supporting citizen initiatives
  • Neighbourhood diagnosis
  • Asset-Based Community Development
  • Stakeholder management