What is neighbourhood communication?

What is neighbourhood communication?

Neighbourhood communication is communication at the (meso) level of the neighbourhood, about subjects that concern residents. That may be because they experience certain impact from the subject, or because citizens could make an impact on it themselves. Think of themes such as road works, utilities or local trade.

From digital neighbourhood network to dialogue and public support

Digital neighbourhood network Hoplr (iOS, Android, hoplr.com) makes it easy for citizens, locally active organisations and local government to communicate.

Informing and connecting citizens on neighbourhood-related topics increases awareness and involvement in the neighbourhood. By entering into dialogue at the local community level, we create more support and participation in all kinds of initiatives.

From digital neighbourhood network to dialogue and public support
Koen Van Caimere Head of information and communication
Hoplr is a very useful platform. We are able to inform the citizens of Ghent and Destelbergen more easily when something changes in the garbage collection rounds. We often receive positive reactions from Hoplr users.

Module functionalities

Neighbourhood-oriented communication

Communicate at the level of the local community. Neighbours receive notifications via mail or smartphone.

  • Share news with one, several or all neighbourhoods
  • Select the neighbourhoods you need from the list or map
  • Post a message, alert, activity or poll
  • Users get a notification and can comment
Which neighbourhoods are at your disposal?

Your organisation may be active in a large area. Our dashboard can be made available at the provincial or national level. Contact us to learn more.

Communication project

Gather all communication concerning a certain theme, project or campaign.

  • All related communication in one place
  • Add events, polls or surveys
  • Project page as an overview for citizens
  • Start and end date, with or without phases

Insight in your own communication

Gain insight into the engagement, impact and subjects of your communication

  • 12 topics related to local community
  • based on thousands of messages from local governments
  • analysis through NLP technology
  • inspiration for varied communication

Bottom-up notifications

Citizens can choose to share their ideas, help requests and reports with you.

  • By default, external parties have no access to neighbourhood conversations
  • Users can however choose to share their message with you
  • Read along and comment on reports, ideas and help requests
  • No worries about privacy

Internal organisation

Invite people of your organisation or department and grant rights

  • Admin or editor rights
  • Send invitations
  • Multiple services or departments

Social media monitoring (OBI4wan)

Connect the Hoplr channel to your OBI4wan account and follow everything from one place

  • Program against our Open API
  • Social media monitoring tools such as OBI4wan
  • Use our anonymous and aggregated data
  • Gain insight in trends through our dashboard

Knowledge centre

Clear communication is not just an art in itself. It is an important responsibility when it comes to neighbourhood-related matters: public support creation, environmental communication, sensitisation, activation, etc. Based on a communication plan and accessible language, our experts convey your message clearly.

Call on our experts for your project:

  • Maximising participation
  • Designing a communication campaign
  • Public support and expectation management
  • Accessible writing (complex or sensitive matters)
  • Stimulating and moderating dialogue
  • ...
Knowledge centre

Blog articles

Over 120 local governments and utility companies use Hoplr

Why choose for Hoplr?

Reach and growth through community building

We launch your region’s network from start to finish, with a guaranteed reach from 10 up to 15% of all households during the first weeks after launch. Neighbourhoods continue to grow organically.

Save time and costs

We take care of reach, support and development. That doesn't only translate into fewer costs and worries; it will save you time as well.

Transcend departments

We offer one integrated Service Dashboard with modules for all different departments. This allows for more transparency and synergy in the workplace.

In-house technology

Hoplr has its own team of developers. That way, we can offer both rapid anticipation and custom work.

24/7 support and expertise

You can count on us for all community building, support and curation - 24/7. No fuss, no worries.

Social value

Community building is crucial for community care, inclusion and citizen participation. By bringing neighbours together, we can stimulate real life contact, involvement and cohesion.


EU Seal of Excellence

"Seal of Excellence" of the European Commission for innovation, implementation and impact.


WINNER World Summit Awards 2020 in the category Government & Citizen Engagement.


WINNER European Social Services Award 2020 in the category Technology Tool.

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